• Sportable Ruling The Game

  • Technology has been a driving force in shaping the future of sports, but until recently, its potential in officiating decisions remained untapped. Enter Sportable, a smart football and player tracking technology that has joined forces with World Rugby and Gilbert to conduct the world’s first trial of officiating technology throughout the entire World Rugby U20 Championship.

    The announcement of this groundbreaking technology has garnered widespread attention, not just in the realm of rugby but also in other sports worldwide. Following our announcement, over 1 billion people were reached through 344 media coverages, with an overwhelmingly positive response.

    Prominent global and national titles such as BBC Sport, Mail Online, The Telegraph, The Independent, and City AM, among others, covered the news. Additionally, we received numerous interview requests to delve further into this innovative tech.

    This cutting-edge smart ball will be utilised in live match officiating, aiming to assist officials in making accurate decisions swiftly, effectively addressing various challenging aspects of the sport’s rules. These include determining whether a ball has been passed forward, crossed the try-line, been touched in flight and line, and whether a line-out throw was straight.

    The profound impact of this technology on the game is evident, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing it in action during the upcoming tournament.