• Pangolin support StreetVet

  • This November we tasked ourselves with an internal agency initiative to develop a PR campaign that raised awareness of the homeless crisis that thousands are facing this Christmas and beyond. 

    The winning idea derived from the damning statistic that fewer than 10% of UK hostels are currently registered as being pet-friendly, leaving those who are experiencing homelessness to face the impossible choice of accepting a roof over their head or giving up their pets.

    We reached out to national animal charity StreetVet who shared our vision of producing an emotive piece of content that would spotlight this underlying yet prominent societal issue. StreetVet informed us of their upcoming fundraising initiative ‘The Big Give Christmas Challenge’ where all proceeds would be doubled up to £15k between Tuesday 28th November – Tuesday 5th December. This gave us just three weeks to pinpoint a filming location, find a production partner and share the film with the world. Challenge accepted.

    Working with production company and agency friends 3 Heads Agency, we produced a poignant short film entitled ‘The Companion’. Starring Staffordshire Bull Terrier ‘Bailey’ and owner Andy Hutchins – who had previously experienced homelessness together – the short film highlighted the inseparable bond between pet owners and their beloved best friends who, like so many others, were left with no other option but to spend Christmas on the streets. 

    The results…? We smashed the initial £15k target and raised over £43k within just seven days of going live, helping StreetVet in their mission to help those experiencing homelessness and their pets get into supported accommodation, while supporting their ongoing community work.

    The coverage wasn’t too shabby either! We achieved fantastic pieces in Mail Online, Vet Times and PR Week – further amplifying this meaningful and ever important message to the world. 

    To find out more or donate for yourself, please visit www.streetvet.co.uk.