• Pangolin Panels: Black History Month

  • This October saw the return of Pangolin Panels – a discussion series which kicked off in July to mark the start of the Women’s World Cup.

    The latest iteration saw Pangolin’s very own Niyat Tesfamariam sit down with trusted industry experts to delve into how brands should approach engaging the black community through their campaigns, from strategy through to implementation.

    Our panellists treated our audience of industry contacts, clients and media with lots of expert advice. Highlights included:

    Admit to What You Don’t Know: It’s ok to not be an expert on how to engage with minority groups, but brands need to embrace outsourcing for insights if they want to create authentic campaign strategies.

    The Mandem vs. Sally in HR: Is your campaign really tapping into your target demographic’s interests? Or is it one that only other marketeers will find exciting.

    Minority Groups Are Not a Monolith: Stereotyping is the quickest way to disengage a demographic. Tap into the more niche interests and identities from different societal groups to really spark their interest and connect.

    Let Creators Be Creative: Don’t over brief your influencer partners – they know how best to culturally engage their audience so let them use the slang and content style that they know works.

    Thank you to Jonathan ‘JT’ Tesfamariam, Content Sales Lead at YouTube Music; Ayesha Brown, Social Media Manager at ASOS, and Creative Manager at Offside Outlet; and Chloë Downes, Founder & CEO of SHFT Talent Management for your invaluable insights!

    Keep an eye on our LinkedIn and Instagram for the next edition of Pangolin Panels – they’re only getting bigger and better!