• Mirinda’s refreshingly vibrant new look

  • The team at Pangolin has been busy helping Mirinda embark on an exhilarating new chapter. Introducing its powerful and ‘M’pactful global brand platform, which focuses on new design and digital innovation, reflecting the boldness and vibrancy of a generation of young creatives.

    The new direction cements Mirinda as a representation of the next generation, celebrating and embracing the creators who have the courage to express their creativity and bring authenticity to everything they do. 

    Rolling out across Mirinda’s leading 20 international markets, the new look cans feature native languages and a refreshingly vibrant new look. 

    We worked with Mirinda to help launch its new brand direction. Sharing the news with key marketing, trade, design and business titles, we garnered over 67 pieces of coverage, achieving a total reach of over +130M. The news made headlines globally, while receiving 100% positive sentiment.