• Announcing Gatorade’s world-first training programme ahead of the Women’s EUROs

  • Gatorade supports all athletes at all levels, and not just those on the pitch. That’s why, ahead of the UEFA Women’s EUROs that took place in July, the sports drink brand collaborated with UEFA on a first-of-its-kind initiative, to optimise female match officials’ health and performance before, during and after the tournament. 

    Match officials represent a unique group of athletes that have historically not had the same level of support as professional players, yet are expected to achieve the same levels of performance on the pitch. The programme sought to assist elite female match officials with a range of personalised consultations on hydration, sports nutrition, and menstruation, in addition to the use of the innovative Gx Sweat Patches during training and in the games for continued assessment and data. 

    We announced the initiative globally across news, sports and marketing media outlets to highlight Gatorade’s credibility and leadership in women’s football. This resulted in 100 pieces of coverage with a reach of 50,658,465. Coverage highlights included PR Week, Marketing Beat, The Verge and Sports Insight.