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  • Redbreast Irish Whiskey

    Last year, the largest distiller of Irish whiskey, Irish Distillers, approached us to help develop a global sustainability strategy and communications plan for Redbreast Irish Whiskey. The concept needed to appeal to Redbreast’s existing fan base, as well as help the much-loved whiskey open up to a wider audience.

    With its history rooted in ornithology, and one who once faced extinction itself, it was clear to us early on what Redbreast should do. With over 40% of all bird species in decline, it was time for Redbreast to show a broader commitment to the species that has given life to their brand for nearly 200 years.

    Project Wingman was born.

    Step one…we needed to find a partner that can help make an impact. And we found just the right people. We secured a partnership with leading bird conservation charity, BirdLife International – as the world’s largest nature conservation partnership linking over 120 national conservation organisations they couldn’t be a better fit. Redbreast’s partnership will support BirdLife’s wider mission to keep the ‘common bird common’ by raising funds, helping to conserve and restore bird habitats, and support the charity in its quest to monitor bird populations so that deeper environmental problems can be identified.

    Step two…let Redbreast fans get involved. Working closely with Nude Packaging, we created and released an intricately designed limited edition product that would directly help birds across the world. Sold exclusively on Redbreast’s website, the product featured a copper casing that sits neatly around a bottle of Redbreast 12 Year Old, that when removed, neatly transforms into a beautiful bird feeder. €15 for every limited-edition Redbreast 12 Year Old purchased was donated to support Redbreast and BirdLife International’s joint mission.

    The launch was a huge success with the first batch of feeders selling out in minutes, and of course we can’t forget to mention the buzz online. As seen in Forbes, The Telegraph, Town & Garden people fell in love with the product.

    Step three? We’ve only just begun. 2021 is already looking to be a busy year ahead for the partnership. It goes to show, when sustainability initiatives sit truly and authentically at the heart of a brand’s DNA, it’s much easier to reach the heart of your audience.

    To find out more about the bird feeder and the partnership between Redbreast Irish Whiskey and BirdLife International, please visit www.redbreastwhiskey.com or www.birdlife.org.