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  • Doritos x #NachoYourWay

    For the summer of 2021 the nation’s favourite tortilla chip, Doritos, asked Pangolin to help shine a light on their sharing chips and dips range – ultimately highlighting that they are the perfect key ingredients for nachos.

    Pangolin set out to create media worthy and socially sharable content – to ensure it was engaging we wanted to challenge two friends – with well-known polarising tastes – to create nachos true to them and drive friendly competition on camera. It didn’t take us long to agree on partnering with Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks. Hailing from two of the biggest UK reality TV shows (Made in Chelsea and The Only Way is Essex), the unlikely duo has become the closest of friends. Sam is high energy, bordering on chaotic, while Pete is serene and reserved, yet somehow, they work.

    The creative proposition centred around the two pals creating their own nacho recipes, reflecting their temperaments – an added twist was utilising the growing TikTok trend of “nacho tables” (tables entirely covered with chips and dips) to drive further resonance with our target audience – and give Sam and Pete an even grander canvas.

    Pete’s table was meticulous, a classic vegetarian take on classic nachos, carefully measured, seasoned, and presented, it was a testament to his attention to detail. Sam’s table was less refined. His main ingredient, himself, garnished extravagantly.

    Working with Sam and Pete, Pangolin directed, produced, storyboarded, and scripted the cook-off, working with an agile, specialist, social first crew to capture the duos creations in a variety of long and short form formats to suit media and social platforms. Photography was captured in parallel to ensure a bank of assets was available for all channels.

    Sentiment was universally positive for the content as Pangolin had worked to ensure all assets were true to the talent and their own posts. Within the first 24 hours, organic views had already reached 250K, with media pick up of the posts and with embargoed interviews driving further interest.