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  • Chivas 18

    In a world that is obsessed with shortcuts and immediate gratification, our challenge was to bring to life the time, craft and skill it takes to create Chivas 18 in an unexpected way. Chivas also wanted an asset that international markets could activate to drive talkability amongst local media and influencers – with the understanding that Chivas 18 is not a new product.

    Our solution…simple. Create the world’s most complex whisky pouring machine.

    After three months of bespoke fabrication, the 8ft tall and 6ft wide machine was unveiled at the Chivas Masters event at Oval Space in East London. The groundbreaking Rube Goldberg-inspired machine pushed the limits on how to serve whisky and features original, upcycled parts from Strathisla distillery in Scotland – the home of Chivas. After dropping a metallic ball into a copper pipe to kick-start the process, the machine’s hand-crafted parts work seamlessly together to take the ball on a complex journey through a series of lifts, spirals and counter-leavers – and finishes by pouring two perfect glasses of whisky.

    Throughout 2018 and 2019 the machine is going on a tour across multiple countries and being installed in luxury bars for consumers, media and influencers to try.