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What We Actually Do

When it comes to news, we’re experts. Whether it’s a conversation trending on Twitter, a topic set to be discussed on all the breakfast show sofas or a football transfer everyone is talking about, we’re going to know about it.

With regular monitoring our team is able to carve out potential opportunities for our clients’ to hijack the news agenda, become part of the conversation and help drive awareness.

How can clients benefit from news hijacking? Timing is everything – making sure we’re in the conversation early before it gets saturated by other brands. Relevancy is also important – there’s nothing worse than a brand piping up and reacting to something in the news agenda when it has nothing to do with them – know your place!


When we saw Stormzy bragging on Instagram that he guessed 6/6 in a blind cola taste test during down time in the studio we had to get Pepsi MAX to jump in.

Less than 12 hours later a rather epic personalised cake arrived at his house from Pepsi MAX announcing him as the Chief Tasting Officer. Turns out he thought it was rather tasty.