Brand Partnerships


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What We Actually Do

We’ve all talked to a mate in the pub about an epic brand collaboration before. When approached correctly, partnerships can be one of the most powerful marketing tools for brands as they ignite energy and drive relevance. The true skill is understanding what partnerships will positively impact your brand, your partner’s and most importantly, your audience.

We have brokered and managed a number of successful partnerships on behalf of our clients including a world-first media partnership with MTV Cribs for The Glenlivet to mark the launch of the new visitors centre in Scotland.


MTV Cribs holds a lot of nostalgia for many, not only showcasing some of the most enviable properties around the world, it helped introduce the celebrity genre that shapes media today.

Similarly, The Glenlivet is known for also breaking with tradition, setting new standards and leading by example.

When Pangolin presented the idea of inviting MTV Cribs to Speyside to see our new visitor experience it felt like the perfect partnership.