• NFT Vs. Physical – Who Wins?

  • It was the most hotly anticipated showdown since Alien Vs Predator; in a world-first, Steve Jobs’ first ever job application from 1973 went head-to-head in a live auction against its NFT counterpart. Acting as the ultimate test for the burgeoning world of NFTs, the sale pushed the boundaries of the market and acted as a benchmark for the industry – asking what do we value more: the material or the digital?

    In partnership with Rarible, an NFT marketplace, the auction ran for seven days from 21st July at 9.41am PDT – paying homage to the time that Jobs would reveal a new product during the iconic launch events, to coincide with the clock time featured on Apple products. The result came as a surprise to some with the physical asset winning by a mile, it proved that maybe NFTs don’t hold as much value as we initially thought…

    To launch the auction, the Pangolin team sold in the story to global media titles achieving over 150 pieces of coverage and driving international conversation. An interview with Founder & Tech Entrepreneur, Olly Joshi, was featured in top tier tech title, The Register, and further coverage was achieved in the likes of CNBC, Business Insider, Hypebeast, CNET and Evening Standard.