• Joining Pangolin During COVID-19

  • Our new Account Executive, Francesca Coates, reflects on starting a job during COVID-19.

    The idea of starting a job working remotely was completely alien to me before the Covid pandemic started, but I was so excited to join the Pangolin team that it seemed like a necessary challenge – and if Will and David were willing to tackle the challenge of onboarding me, then so was I. 

    Joining the team from home was a daunting prospect, and I was nervous about the process of meeting everyone virtually. I never realised how valuable it is to physically be in an office environment when meeting and getting to know colleagues. It felt very strange for my ‘first day at work’ to consist of me sitting at home with a laptop. 

    I was expecting it to be a difficult transition, and a long time before I understood the agency in-jokes and how my new colleagues work. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised with how welcoming the Pangolin team were, and how dedicated David and Will are to making my onboarding process as smooth and seamless as possible.

    The agency has a few tricks to ensure that working from home as a team is as coherent as possible, including daily actions calls and the use of Slack to communicate. These have been invaluable for me, as I am able to manage my workload as well as understand what everyone else in the agency is working on. Additionally, every member of the Pangolin team is encouraged to discuss their own creative interests and out-of-work hobbies, and this has definitely enabled my colleagues and I to get to know each other better – which ultimately helps us work as a more cohesive and productive team. 

    The Pangolin team is a particularly friendly one, and not an intimidating bunch at all – which has certainly made the process of joining the team a lot easier! I’m very grateful for how welcoming everyone has been, and for the extra calls in place that ensure I feel like a valued member of the team.

    Three top tips for joining a new job remotely:

    – Keep in constant communication through Slack/email whenever possible.
    – Immerse yourself in the company and client culture as ‘homework’; go out and try your clients’ products, and listen/watch the music and TV shows that your colleagues recommend. It all helps to get a clearer understanding of the agency as a whole.
    – Don’t be afraid to speak up! Your colleagues want to get to know you just as much as you do them. Friday drinks calls (or at Pangolin, Thursday quizzes) are a great opportunity to bond – and try to beat the team at Scattergories!